Deep winter - the organiserS: PAST & PRESENT

Deep Winter started in early 2015 with a facebook message from Fraser of Old Mill Road farm to a bunch of friends saying: 'hey can we get together in the middle of winter to swap notes and drink wine at a time of year where we can actually take a weekend off?' - and so we did.

Tammi of Jonai Farms offered to host the gathering  down near Dayelsford in VIC, the local farming friends hired the local hall, we all brought food to share, called the whole thing Deep Winter, and there you have it.

In 2016 the South coast crew put up their hands to host and the lovely Fiona of Buena Vista Farm joined forces with Kirsten of Milkwood alongside a bunch of other resourceful folks to create Deep Winter 2016 in Gerringong.

On a high following the event's success last year, a bunch of keen beans from the Northern Rivers region decided it would be a great idea to drag everyone to the subtropical North this time round. And so it is that the Northern Rivers Young Farmers Alliance (a fledgling group of new and beginning farmers in the Northern Rivers region) are hosting Deep Winter 2017.

Our aim is to keep this event as simple and participatory as possible, with minimal fuss, minimal cost to all, and maximum benefit for everyone who values taking a breather in deep winter to hang out, swap stories and ideas for creating better farms, and provide peer-to-peer support for the awesome work that small-plot Australian farmers do.

This year, we've also decided to do something a little different. We've decided to throw a theme in the mix to help steer and focus the short amount of time we have for deep discussion. Our theme this year is: "Moving the fence post."Accordingly, we hope this will inspire break out groups on new approaches to farming, whether that be technically or structurally or ways to mitigate the many new and old challenges facing farmers today. 

Those of us on facebook hang out at the Deep Winter group. You can ask to join, if this is your kind of thing too.

If you have any questions about this event, please check the FAQ page, and comment at the bottom of that page if you question isn't answered.