Deep winter - the organiserS: PAST & PRESENT

Deep Winter started in early 2015 with a facebook message from Fraser of Old Mill Road farm to a bunch of friends saying: 'hey can we get together in the middle of winter to swap notes and drink wine at a time of year where we can actually take a weekend off?' - and so we did.

Tammi of Jonai Farms offered to host the gathering  down near Dayelsford in VIC, the local farming friends hired the local hall, we all brought food to share, called the whole thing Deep Winter, and there you have it.

In 2016 the South coast crew put up their hands to host and the lovely Fiona of Buena Vista Farm joined forces with Kirsten of Milkwood alongside a bunch of other resourceful folks to create Deep Winter 2016 in Gerringong.

In 2017, Deep Winter went noth to the subtropical Northern Rivers. The Northern Rivers Young Farmers Alliance (a fledgling group of new and beginning farmers in the Northern Rivers region) hosted a bumper year - leaving everyone hungry for more...

In 2018, Deep Winter was hosted in Cygnet, Tasmania! With the theme of "longevity" we explored how we can all do this farming/working on the land thing forever (if desired) without the burn out factor kicking in! Key organisers were James Da Costa from Hobart City Farm, Jilly Middleton from Twelve Trees Farm, Paulette Whitney form Provenance Growers, Hannah Moloney from Good Life Permaculture, Celia Leverton from Whistlers Ridge Permaculture and Christina Giudici from Fimby

In 2019, Deep Winter is travelling to Willunga in South Australia. The organising group started off with Nat Wiseman from Village Greens of Willunga Creek, Andy Taylor of Ngeringa Market Garden, Ella McHenry of Little Bunyip and Eliza Reiger. In March we formed Future Farmers SA to make it easier to sort out the money side of things. We’ll focus on Deep Winter for the moment but you never know what we might get up to in the second half of the year and beyond…

We hope to see you in Willunga from June the 21st through till the 23rd to talk about “scale and viability” and everything in between.

Those of us on facebook hang out at the Deep Winter group. You can ask to join, if this is your kind of thing too.