Deep Winter South Australia will be held from June 21st till June 23rd 2019.

The Deep Winter Agrarian Gathering is an annual farmer led forum for agriculturalists producing non-commodity food and fibre. With a focus on circular or regenerative farming practices and community development this annual meeting of the minds is an opportunity to think big about small scale food production and connect with peers in the field.

In 2019 Deep Winter delves into the themes of scale and viability. We all want the live the regenerative farming dream but how the hell do you actually make a go of a small scale farming business? South Australian regenerative graziers, market gardeners, egg producers, grain growers and mushroom farmers will share their learnings about how they got to where they are AND where they still need to get to to make the dream a reality.

Plus we are VERY excited to welcome Walter Jehne as our keynote speaker to remind us all of why we're doing what we're doing and how agriculture can positively transform and regenerate landscapes. Walter is an internationally recognised climate scientist, soil microbiologist and innovation strategist. He has immense field and research experience in forests, grasslands, agriculture and soils at national (CSIRO) and international (UN) level. He's also an inspirational speaker and his years of experience mean he can join the dots between what we're doing on the ground and the challenges of the changing climate.

And perhaps most importantly, the weekend is a chance to knock heads with other folks who are doing what you're doing while enjoying a nice cup of tea and some homemade cake.