What a weekend, what a turn out and special mention to the glorious winter sun that shone done on us for the duration of Deep Winter 2017.

This event was made possible with generous donations of time, produce and good will. We'd like to give thanks to:

Palisa Anderson at Boon Luck Farm, Sheia & Isaac at Life Force Organics, Joel Orchard at Future Feeders and Johno Hunter at The Farm for opening their farms to 80 odd curious farmers to poke about.

Jarmbi for setting a thoughtful tone with his acknowledgement of country.

The Farm, Byron Bay for donating a whole pig, 120 kg of vegetables grown by Evan Benson Anderson & the loan of tables and barbies.

The Bread Social for donating 210 fresh rye and carrowey bread rolls.

100 Mile Table and Anise Catering for letting us borrow your stuff. 

Kate Walsh for organising our little breakfast bar offering. 

Laura Baker for preparing three epic soups for Saturday lunch, which included the dispatch of her own roosters at her farm in Yelgun.

Taisa Bears from The Library of Stuff for borrowing us 150 sets of bamboo plateware and to Lou who unwittingly but cheerfully led the washing up detail most of the weekend.

The band of merry chefs for preparing, trouble-shooting, fire making and cooking Saturday's delicious feast: Calum Horn, Francisco Smoje, Shannon Smerdon.

Byron Creek Farm for opening its paddocks to campers, providing the perfect farm party shed setting and kicking in the beautiful chooks cooked over coals.

Blair Beattie for impromptu photo capturing. 

To facilitators, panelists, discussion leaders and presenters for jumping in and getting involved at the drop of a hat: Erika Watson, Justin Russell, Simone Jelley, Emma-Kate Rose, Fraser Bayley, Nat Wiseman, Kate Walsh and Pi Wei Lim.

Community is only the sum of its parts, so thank you to everyone who joined us to take part in Deep Winter 2017. See you next year, agrarians. 

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